Garden of Memories


Welcome to Garden of Memories

At Garden of memories we are a family and take great pride in providing you with the best personalised seed packets you can find. 

After being in the design business for many years previously
the business was recently started after making a one off order for someone who wanted some thank you cards
that were quirky, unique and a little bit different to the usual thank you cards that are out there at the moment.
They proved so popular and received so many comments that we decided to produce the seed packets full time.

We are hoping our  new business can grow through social media and family and friends and we look forward
to providing you with 
great seed packets for a variety of occasions.
We would love for you to also follow us on our social media pages and to keep a look out for our new designs .

Purchasing our seed packets will not leave you disappointed.
They are a great and truly unique way to grow a memory whether it be for
Funerals, Birthdays, Christening, Bay Showers, Parties etc..  they just add that special touch to any event and
also above all each packet of seeds that are planted will help save our Butterflies and Bees.

Butterflies and Bees pollinate the world’s crops, wild plants, and flower gardens.
But a dramatic spike in toxic pesticides has caused their populations worldwide to plummet,
by planting our seeds you will continue to help them thrive.

We always love to speak directly to our customers
so feel free to message us via the messenger chat on the website page or
through Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mobile

Thanks for popping by and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!